At some point in your life, even if you claim to sleep like a baby, you will experience some difficulty sleeping. Either from an overactive mind, everyday stress or lack of comfort ( and yes even diet can play a large role in this dilemma ). So being that a version of self-hypnosis can be used to put yourself into a relaxed state, what if we take it 1 step further with a simple process. You won’t believe how good you sleep after you give this a go.

If you study old literature you will notice how simple mind games were used to quench the activity of sleep.

We are all familiar with counting sleep. Which was used to create a boring and laborious job, to almost bore you to sleep?

But it wasn’t just the monotony of it that gave it validity. It was the fact of drawing your attention away from TRYING to sleep.

If you have been in the circumstance of lack of sleep, what was the first thing you did to try and get to sleep?

Did you find you were forcing yourself to sleep? Your mind was placed on the very activity that should come naturally.

And it’s at this point you activate the law of reverse effect. This is to say that the more you try the less you get.

As you try and activate an unconscious motion ( sleep ) consciously ( trying to sleep ) it becomes even harder to reach that level of relaxation and hypnagogia ( the stage in between awake and sleep )

So how can we counteract this? And take the same idea of counting sleep ( drawing attention elsewhere ) and help assist you to sleep without counting?

The process is easy and you won’t believe how good you sleep with a bit of practice.

Your attention is key here. But instead of putting your focus on sleeping, your focus needs to be contained on only the comfort of your body.

Meaning that as you lay in bed, you need to place ALL of your conscious attention on how your body feels, and perhaps what parts of you are more comfortable than others.

Here are the steps:

Grasp your attention completely
Scan your body and find what part of you is most comfortable
Focus on this part and hold your attention
Repeat across entire body until all is the same level of comfort
Now the principle is what is most important.

You have drawn your mind away from everyday life and from the act of sleeping and placed it on relaxing the body.

From this, the very act of a relaxed body begins the first step of sleep, and the body will take over and complete the cycle.

You won’t believe how good you sleep with more and more attention on your body. Now, this may take some practice just like anything in life.

So instead of your goal of forcing yourself to sleep, the game is to see how quickly your body can relax.