Why your client is resisting trance will be a question that we all as hypnotist will wonder to ourselves. While there are many reasons why your client is resisting trance the most common, would be based on past experience of hypnosis.

With many people becoming Hypnotists, the percentage of successful sessions will fluctuate. Also with many styles of hypnosis being created will also either promote or tarnish the success of hypnosis.

So if you are wondering why your client resisting trance, be sure to ask this crucial question which is to find any past experience of hypnosis.

A resistant client who has had a bad experience with hypnosis will again be more resistant if they decide to undertake a session again.

This past experience can jeopardize a new session it the experience was negative or results failed.

So if a client presents a bad past experience our attention as hypnotist needs to be on fixing the mindset that now has been adopted based on the negative experience.

Resistance will come from a client reflecting on the past experience and assuming that this new experience will be one of the same. Our job as a hypnotist will now need to be on correcting this mindset and adjusting the assumptions.

So before you begin your induction address the mindset refraining past experiences to you once that exists in a client and provide positive proof of the success of the current session.

Think of this mindset issue as being a wall that will stop trance occurring.

So before any trance can be experienced this wall needs to be taken down, and more bad past experiences a client has had, the more this wall deconstructs your induction and hypnosis.

It is great practice, regardless if your client is resistant, to ask if your client has been hypnotized before or experienced hypnosis before this session also.

Think of this as the dictator or the success of the session. If there is no wall your client should go into trance very naturally and easily if there is a wall, spend your time addressing it first.