What does hypnosis feel like? Is hypnosis real? I can’t be hypnotized …… From questions to statements about everything hypnosis, you as a hypnotist should expect to be asked these, and more, more than any other question. And although the frustration can grow inside of you to constantly answer these questions, do you realize these questions offer you the opportunity to prove what hypnosis is about? So how can we use these very questions as our induction?

By taking control of any conversation, you can potentially hypnotize anyone and everyone you speak to.

As a conversational hypnotist, the only prerequisite for hypnosis to occur is a conversation.

It’s this start of a conversation that you can subtly drop in hypnotic intention, in every phrase and answer you give.

But we as hypnotists miss this golden opportunity and destroy it by doing something that is more reactive than proactive.

What we see and hear over again is the hypnotist going on either the defensive or lecturer mode.

When we are defensive, it’s as if we are protecting the very skill of hypnosis and creating the start of an argument to let this person know that they are wrong.

When we are in lecturer mode, we bore our potential subject into the history of hypnosis to prove it exists and how wonderful it is.

So how about we look at these questions and others as an excuse to get all hypnotic. To dig into the questions we are always asked to find the hypnotic element and help it grow to put our questioners into a trance so they can experience it.

Really think about it. Does the person asking you questions about hypnosis really care that James Braid was the first to coin the term hypnosis, or that the CIA apparently was working on mind control with the help of various hypnotists at the time, or that Mesmer was utilizing hypnotic energy to heal clients … Probably not.

So what are our questioners really asking? How can we use what they ask for trance? And how can we use the trance that we can create to help heal them and give them a hypnotic gift?

Below you can become a fly on the wall and listen in as Scott Jansen from the Academy teaches and explains this very process to an up and coming hypnotherapist. Learn the hypnotic question induction.

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