Using confusion based language patterns is part of a great hypnotist, but using hypnotic confusion with sophistication takes it to another level.

If you know hypnosis, you will know of confusion based language.

A language set based on confusion and overload that can stump a clients or subjects conscious mind in mid thought.

Thus a Hypnotist has the ability to instantly halt someone’s thinking on the spot.

But all too often when using confusion, it only remains to be that. 

Confusing and out of place.

The raw power of confusion based inductions, language and techniques are common place in the hypnotic arsenal of a great therapist. 

But when applied incorrectly it does nothing more than alert your client to weird language that only aids in frustration.

What does confusion do?

When applying confusion, your hope is to confuse the conscious mind.

Which means that while the conscious mind is tied up trying to piece together what you are saying, the unconscious mind can sneak out.

It’s when a Hypnotist adds too many layers of confusion that creates havoc.

When confusion is applied incorrectly

When confusion is overused something critical happens. The conscious mind can take what you are saying as an alarm for danger thus creating a stronger block.

Have you ever met someone whose ideas were so far out there they you just couldn’t connect with the and you thought they were weird?

It’s the same implication here.

Weird can mean danger.

And nothing is weirder than a Hypnotist trying to induce trance with too much confusion.


Let’s take classical language patterns with a goal to create a trance with our subject.

“I wonder how quickly you will fall into a deep and relaxing trance while experiencing how peaceful hypnosis cam be”

Very common and great use of hypnotic themes.

Let’s now add some confusion, with a goal to distract the conscious mind from following along, with hopes the suggestions of trance will have an unconscious effect.

“I wonder, not now, but in a minute how instantly quickly you may find yourself thinking and falling moment by moment into a deep unconscious trance inside while every now and then experiencing but only in a minute how peaceful you can feel now before hypnosis now and every other time can be felt only to point you go into a trance now and in a second”.

Wow! Confusing right?

The strategy is there, but the application of too much will hinder the suggestions.

When using hypnotic confusion with sophistication, think of this.

If you went to a 5-star restaurant and ordered a steak with a nice sauce, vegetable, potatoes and a nice wine.

In addition, the table was decorated with perfect placed cutlery and the soft piano music was heard that added a romantic feel to the restaurant. 

You would agree the experience would be memorable.

But when your food came out, your steak was well over done. Seasoned too much. Your vegetables were cold, the wine was served in a dirty glass and the music become too loud to talk. 

What would your experience be? Negative right …?

Think of over confusion as the bad restaurant experience.

Instead, the confusion we want to add to our language needs to be like lightly peppering and salting a steak to bring out the flavor.

A small dab of butter to our vegetables that have been cut perfectly and a wine so perfectly fitting the experience, that it quenches your thirst and taste buds

This is sophistication.

More attention to the main and less attention on the additions.

Use your confusion lightly and create an experience and environment of confusion.

Not a circumstance of awkward language that can not be followed and only creates frustration in your clients.

less is more.