Did you know that once your client leaves your office, the most important work of the unconscious mind is being done? This unconscious trial and error of creating the right circumstances and creating the right mix of all the new thoughts and ways of being will be the end result of your client’s needs.

As you may notice that some of your clients will leave your office, having totally transformed and some it may take hours of even days and weeks.

So why is this?

Firstly let’s reiterate that ALL clients are different and ALL clients need their own version of therapy. This may have you rethink that same script you have been reading over and over again only to find disappointment.

As your client wakes from trance they are on what is known as the trance border. A metaphoric line that has them sitting on the fence of trance and normal thinking.

So as we complete our session, and formally pack down the unconscious, we need to understand this is NOT the end of the session.

While your client gets on with their day, the unconscious mind is doing the most important part of therapy. This is known as emerging phenomena.

Emerging phenomena are when their unconscious mind begins to TRY OUT all new resources and solutions until it finds the right fix.

Meaning that your client MAY experience some wins and failures along the way.

Your client may go home have a cigarette and think they have failed.

Then a few hours later, when the routine kicks in of having another smoke, they may find the craving is not there, so they resist having one.

Then that evening, they may find them self outside again inhaling and notice the taste is not pleasant, or even the normal triggers of seeing people smoke do not tempt them to do the same.

The next morning your client wakes, they may be hit with a major craving, have a few smokes and get on with their day, only to find its now the end of the day, and they have forgotten all about smoking for an entire day.

The point is, you can clearly see how the unconscious mind is shuffling the deck to find the full house.

It is reorganizing the cards, throwing away the wrong cards and asking for more until it finds the flush or the full house.

Eventually, the player will win at poker. The house has to loose at some point.

Use this understanding for when your clients leave your office. Let this natural phenomenon occur.

Think about when you learned hypnosis.

Did you get it right the first time?

Did you make mistakes and say the wrong things at a time?

Did you get confused as to what to say or do next?

All of this is YOUR OWN emerging phenomena. And now you can convincingly admit that hypnosis is easy for you.

This is because your own unconscious has FOUND the RIGHT system for you.