At the thought of a hypnosis session, the majority of society can begin to feel a little scared of the unknown, a little anxious about what will happen and nervous as to what it may feel like. And we as hypnotist should high five our clients IF they feel these, or any, as they enter our office. Here are unconscious moments we love, as we grasp at a cohesive level of hypnosis that most of us only dream about.

We know a few things about unconscious moments ( If not …. You need to read more of our stuff )

They are:

Direct expressions of the unconscious mind
Signs that trance is beginning
Signs that a client is in the right place ( inside ) to start to heal their issues
Signs that a client has connected to underlying issues
Signs that the conscious mind is less than active
So with the anatomy of unconscious moments listed above. There is a NEW example to explore this weird hypnotic phenomenon.

Firstly … Where do all emotions live?

Where do all emotions grow?

Where do all emotions, feeling, thoughts and considerations exist?


Meaning that the very fact any of your clients can feel scared, anxious, nervous, excited, curious, concerned or any number of things, means 1 glorious thing to us hypnotists, who love to chase these unconscious moments.

YOUR client is already in a trance. The unconscious mind of your client is already expressing itself.

And when you think about it. Isn’t this what our inductions do? Do they not lower the conscious mind so the unconscious mind can express itself with unlimited freedom?

We are taught 1000s of different ways to create a formal induction and trance.

But we always forget the simple things we know about the unconscious mind. We forget where a client must go in order to feel and heal their problems.

So before you even think about what induction to use or what to say, see if your client is already there, even before you begin.

Use their unconscious moment, not yours that you decide for them.