In this submission, we look at tips to selling your hypnosis business to clients to increase your sales rate, grow your thriving business, convert more conversations to sales and create an incredible experience with every client you work with.

As a hypnotist or therapist selling your hypnosis business to clients and booking in sessions can be one of the hardest things a hypnotist will face, and this is across-the-board for any business.

So it will serve us well to look at tips to selling your hypnosis business to clients especially if your goal is to create a full-time income from seeing back to back clients.

One of the most common questions we get asked as a training company is how to make sales and convert clients into paying customers.

And with this in mind here are my tips to selling your hypnosis business to clients.

Firstly let me point out one of the biggest mistakes we will all make as a hypnotist is to push the sale on everyone we speak to and indirectly express neediness and low authority.

By this, I mean pushing your power on everyone you speak to and telling them how you can fix their life even if the conversation is not on the subject of hypnosis or therapy.

Let’s be honest here who likes to be sold to?

Who enjoys the company of a pushy salesperson?

Who likes to be told that parts of their life could be improved even in we think our life is perfect?

The first tip of this submission is to only offer your services when a subject or potential client expresses interest in what you do for a living, never push hypnosis on people

The second strategy of tips to selling your hypnosis business to clients is to first ask your potential subject if they have experienced hypnosis before.

Consider going to all the trouble of selling a session to a subject if their previous experience of hypnosis was negative and painful.
By finding out past experiences you gain an insight into the mindset of your potential customer and if the experience was negative, your goal is to adjust the mindset first before you even mention your price.

Never overpromise. Never overcommit to a client if you cannot or have not worked with their affliction.

Maintain high integrity and if you cannot work with the specific affliction tell them so, do not lie just to make money because ultimately the session will prove your ability as a hypnotist.

The last idea of tips to selling your hypnosis business to clients is to spend more time finding out what that specific subject or client needs rather than bragging about how good you are, how many courses you have attended, how good your clients think you are, how easily you can hypnotise everybody and how you are the number one hypnotist in the world.

While having high authority is crucial to your success, bragging is not the way to set this authority.

The results of your session will set it firmly in place for you.

Investigate your client’s needs wants and desires for the session and make the judgment if you have what it takes to help this person.

So when you go to sell to potential subjects use these tips to selling your hypnosis business to clients to increase your conversion rate and grow your business drastically.

Always remember that there are many many more hypnotists who claim to do the same things you, so stand out from the crowd and treat your client with respect care and use the power and success of your session as the authority that sets you apart from the rest.