We need to expect a client will bring both minds when they come to see you for their session. They will bring their conscious and their unconscious mind and confuse you as to what is the real issue and what is not. Knowing what things the conscious mind won’t tell you, should begin to ease the confusion as to what to listen too, and you explore your client’s mindset.

As a hypnotist or therapist, we are dealing with one part of the mind ( conscious ) that is full of logic, conclusions, overthinking, assumptions and no creativity.

The other part ( unconscious ) communicates and functions with an endless presence of creativity, options, flexibility, knowledge, life experiences, resources and opportunities for success.

So knowing this, and knowing what the conscious mind won’t tell you, should give you the understanding of what part of the mind to pay more attention too.

Things the conscious mind won’t tell you:

What the real issue, challenge or emotional problem your client is experiencing
How to deal with the problem directly
How to help adjust the mind to suit the new thinking once the problem is resolved.
Things the conscious mind will tell you ( or trick you into thinking )

Conclusions and false assumptions of the unconscious problem
Logical reasons for change
Why it has failed over and over again
That it can not be hypnotized
How hypnosis will never work
Every understanding of why the problem is there
These are the clearest examples of why using the conscious mind is not appropriate.

If all change, learning, understanding, healings, resources, creativity, and healthy functioning happen unconsciously.

Why do we get tricked into thinking the conscious mind can help us during a hypnotic interaction?

As a hypnotist, we have many tools and strategies, that when broken down all do ONLY 1 thing.

Stop this conscious mind interfering with unconscious change.

The more the conscious mind disturbs the unconscious process, the longer your sessions will go, the less effect the session will have, the more you and your clients will get confused and frustrated.

Learn to listen to the creativity of the unconscious, not the lies of the conscious.