Are you the perfect hypnotic subject? Are you the perfect hypnotic subject that is susceptible to deep trance? If you are not sure or doubt that you are, by the end of this submission your mind will be completely changed.

What makes the perfect hypnotic subject? If we believe a very common myth that states only a certain percentage of people are easily susceptible to hypnosis we will automatically negate the easy and natural process of trance.

In actuality, this myth will dictate the success of the hypnotist. By believing that this myth and many others that are counter-productive, we now begin to hypnotise clients and subject with this doubts in our mind that contains the very process of easily hypnotising people at will.

So what does it take to be the perfect hypnotic subject?

Believe it or not in order to be hypnotised no matter you believe you can or not requires only a few natural function of the body and mind.

These are your ability to breathe, think, focus attention and to feel bodily sensations and emotions.

If you can experience all of the above you make the perfect hypnotic subject. In addition to this, to make the perfect hypnotic subject only requires the skill level of the hypnotist not the ability of the client.

So as the hypnotist, this idea should be one that is stored in the mind of the practitioner.

What generally happens is that the hypnotist shows a limitation in their ability to hypnotise people in more than one or two ways.

If the hypnotist is bound by only one or two inductions they are bound to limited success. The most important factor when working with people is to remember that every subject will go into trance differently and into a trance at different levels.

The perfect hypnotic subject actually gets training indirectly from the hypnotist who has the ability to be flexible and strategic in their approach and not allow themselves to be constrained to a very limited number of resourceful induction methods.

The concept of IQ levels that negates certain trance phenomena, is incorrect and only draws on the conclusion of the limited ability of the hypnotist.

While studies may show a certain level of IQ is harder to hypnotise this does not show the level of competency of the hypnotist with the ability to read trance cues correctly, change their approach at will and the flexibility to adjust to a certain mindset.

Any doubts in the hypnotist mind or any myth that the hypnotist believes it will taint the idea of trance being natural and easy. In addition this warrants in the positive as well because if the hypnotist believes that everyone can be

In addition this warrants in the positive as well because if the hypnotist believes that everyone can be hypnotised this automatically changes the results of the listening client.

If the hypnotist believes that the myths are commonly talked about our incorrect this again changes the success of the hypnotist in a powerful way.

To prove this you can read many times over that the best hypnotist draws on the idea that what they believe will be indirectly suggested to the client.

For this hypnotist that believes everyone can be hypnotised, they begin to create the perfect hypnotic subject every time.

So instead of worrying if your client is the perfect hypnotic subject and buying into that idea of IQ levels and percentages, ask yourself the question of how many ways and I as the hypnotist stay flexible and adjust according to what I see, and hear, during my interaction, and how many things can I see and hear that let me know that what I am doing is correct.

By even just accepting the possibility of the ideas the submission you will begin to alter the way you think feel and is a powerful hypnotist.