What is the perfect hypnotic interview ? And when do we do it ? The perfect hypnotic interview should and always will be the initial starting point with any client. The function here is to investigate the mindset, the issue presented, the doubts, the conclusion to find the twisted knot where the client’s thinking has created an issue.

As a hypnotist, the worst thing we can do is categorise every smoker with every smoker, every anxiety with every anxiety etc.

Every client you see is different and every client you have, has their own motivation, leverage and unconscious payoff that needs to be explored.

So if you are using a script for every smoking client then changing the script to your titled anxiety script, this may have you think again.

So how do we begin the perfect hypnotic interview?

The best place to start is to uncover the reason for it.

During this phase of questioning a client, we are trying to get at the real issue. To cut through all the excuses and find the want and need for change.

So by using the question such as what, why, when, example questions, how etc. We can start to gain a picture of what is happening in a client’s mind.

If you are not clear about the motivation for change with a client, how can you begin to help them ?

Again a script can not uncover these blocks. The script is created as a one size fits all process that puts all smokers into 1 box and all weight issues into 1 box.

And yes, even if you are writing a different script for every client, are you not essentially just writing the same procedure with different words ? If you are attacking the conscious conclusion of the issue, NO WORDS you put in this script will affect the outcome, no matter how good your patterns or stories are.

If you are attacking the conscious conclusion of the issue, NO WORDS you put in this script will affect the outcome, no matter how good your patterns or stories are.

As you are firing away questions and gaining responses, this is where it can get tricky. It’s at this point your question needs to be formulated specifically to stop you getting blocked for what to do or say next.

And there are some rules to apply any question you ask ( yes any question ) that create the perfect circumstance for a client to express the REAL unconscious issue.

Unconscious moments : The question you ask about the issue is irrelevant. There is NO magic question. What there is, though, is unconscious moments. What is the result of the question you asked ? Was the response loaded with unconscious cues ( which is what we want ) or was it answered with no thought or emotion ( what we don’t need ). If you got a lot on unconscious moments, keep on track with that question type. If you did not. Ask something from another angle.
Do not presume : Resist the notion of presuming what your client means. If the response you got from a question is confusing, clarify it, don’t assume as you may miss the point of the response
DO not direct the question : Meaning do not try and point the question in a certain direction, eg trying to solve the problem.
Stay curious : Be more curious about how a client got to this issue, rather than finding the solution. It’s your client’s job to find the solution.
Slow down : It may seem that you need to ask a lot of question to get at the crux of the problem. But once you are there, the remainder of the session is very quick. Slow down, do not rush you or your client. If you rush you will miss everything along the way.
Resist preparing questions : How could you know what to ask before you ask it ? There is no magic question or order of question. If there was, a client could just ask them self.