Have you ever sat down as a hypnotist and wondered how and why it all happens. And by happens we mean how does a hypnotic intervention actually conclude a powerful change inside of clients.

By just considering the hypnotic premise for therapy, may begin to highlight an understanding of what happens in the background, that can give you a front row seat and see behind the curtain of trance.

Like any therapy regardless of style, fashion or approach. We need a few things. We need a client, an issue and a place to start.

With these usual suspects, we can congruently begin an investigation into the blocks and thought loops of this trapped mind.

And this even extends to the issues them self. To avoid categorization of different pain and issues, they must at some place all begin the same.

And it may begin somewhere like this.

A client is experiencing something in his or her life that is less than pleasant. And by inference, they have tried to dissolve the issue using the assumptions that have been created.

For example I’m stressed at work so ill smoke because iv heard it relaxes people.

Now while this is fine for the client and they are feeling a new sense of relaxation.

Where does the problem exist ?

The problem becomes apparent when the client is now experiencing everything else that smoking or the conclusion gives them.

But we can take it one step further.

It’s at some point our client notices other ways that they can get the same outcome from the smoking, but without it.

And this happens indirectly. They may hear, see and notice how people just like them are experiencing pleasant things and other ways to overcome stress, that our client has not thought about.

And now our client is STUCK in this place of wanting those things, without the first conclusion they came up with ( The smoking )

Thus, your client makes an appointment to see you with an addiction to smoking.

And as your client expresses the issue it’s all on the smoking. The fact of why they started becomes unconscious and they often will conclude another conclusion as to what this is all about.

And you might be asking how does this work ?

Think of it for yourself.

If you have ever had a fight with a friend, loved one or family member and the fight goes on for years.

Then when you reconnect you can never remember how it all started.

All you do know is at some point your FELT something and the conclusion was to disconnect from this person.

So with this mindset, we can focus on the hypnotic premise for therapy to understand how to view our client’s mindset.

If you listen to any expression of an issue, it will be obvious that our client is stuck. Stuck in a position with a thought, action or feeling they do not need or want.

And it’s our role to find where this has been concluded, how it has been concluded and what is the unconscious payoff from this conclusion.

And it’s while investigating we need to nudge the client into a new conclusion that involves the unconscious payoff from the unconscious.

– The unconscious payoff is what the unconscious mind gains from keeping an issue ( From protection, certain feelings etc )

Which is why it’s so important to investigate the mindset first. Without understanding the conclusion ( Not the problem ) we miss the point entirely.

And the premise of using hypnosis excels at this.

By using abstraction in our communication we fundamentally grow the conclusion, thus creating a new thought loop.

For example. If your client is experiencing something negative. They have concluded the outcome to be negative.

If we introduce new concepts and thoughts that the unconscious mind can see value in, we change the very track the conclusion loops around.

We need to remember that ALL communication is a mix of conscious and or unconscious conclusions that have been tainted with logic.

Logic is amazing at creating steps to achieve outcomes.

But when logic and abstraction of thinking from the unconscious mind blend together we create a conflict.

The conflict is when your client knows what they want but just can’t get there.

And every time your client thinks about their issue solving logically they reaffirm the conclusion once again.

So how do we put this all together ? How can we make this playable to use and grow our own understanding ?

Our clients are stuck in a mindset. Don’t try and recreate the mindset. Investigate it first and ONLY understand the block.

Once you have found the block then its time to use therapy through stories, analogies, hypnotic realities etc.