When it comes to the diversity of hypnosis and how to look and feel of hypnosis is changing rapidly, the classics ain’t so classical anymore. Especially when it comes to understanding how to generate unconscious change in clients. In this submission, we are needing to look at the classic suggestions, metaphors, and directions of hypnosis as opposed to the new generation and style of hypnosis.

If you have been trained in the cookie cutter approach to hypnosis that over-relies on 1 size fit all suggestions, relaxation techniques and scripts you will be very aware of the pitfalls they present.

Now, this is not to knock the approach as in some cases this is what is needed to be done.

Our thoughts are when a competent hypnotist gets stuck on this 1 way and never reaches the heights of true mastery.

Let’s look at the classic suggestions and format of the industry training.

Relax your client from head to toe. Imagination or script reading inductions
Deepen the client with either touch or breath
At some point give a suggestion that is made up by the hypnotist ahead of time
Connect the suggestion to an end result
Wake a client up
Book them in again if necessary
Now while this presents a pathway to an end of the session, it also leaves us with too many questions.

Let’s look at the classical suggestion that is given for any issue a client has

( Along the lines of ) ” Every time you see the color red you will have the energy to go to the gym ”

” Every time you breathe you will never have the thoughts for smoking again

” Anytime you feel excited you will be more confident in life ”

As you can see they are basic and are taught to work in all cases

And this is where an issue arises.

It seems that at some stage we have categorized ALL human beings to fit these suggestions.

Meaning that as hypnotist we believe that our job is to tell the unconscious mind what we want and how the session should be.

By using ‘ store bought ‘ suggestions we are hoping that the client will connect to this color red and receive the outcome set by us.

The classical steps of a hypnosis session imply that we get our clients to a relaxed state, and tell them what to do, and this is far from the truth

As we give suggestions to a client in a receptive and unconscious state a few things happen:

Either we get it right ( Which is a 1 in an infinite chance )
We piss off the unconscious mind by telling it what to do
We accidently connect the wrong outcome to the end result, resulting in other issues being created
We miss the mark that requires our clients to return over and over again
And the biggest …… We limit our clients to NOT thinking and working their issue out them self.
SO when you go to use your suggestions here are some things to consider if you wish to give them:

Are they YOUR OWN made up the suggestion, or has your client hinted at what they would like?
Have you left your suggestion, ambiguous to allow your client to fill in the gaps?
Do you really need suggestions to get an outcome?
Are you telling the unconscious mind what to do and how to heal your client?