Sick of the language patterns? Sick of being obvious and getting caught? Sick of having to remember every step for every technique that fails more often than not.

You will love this. Scott Jansen reveals the 3 step hypnotic stare induction.

Scott Jansen reveals the 3 step hypnotic stare induction.

While language and techniques have a major role in Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy, you must get curious as to why the best in the field seems to do and say nothing but achieve miracles.

What are they doing differently than you?

How are they getting more and saying less?

Well, we break it down for you so you can, just like them, essentially only say a few words and have the results of the heaviest trance your clients have experienced.

Regardless of which technique you use, there are only a few reoccurring themes present.

These are pressure, unconscious moments and instructions.

Putting it simply. Pressure ( attention from the client and therapist ) is what we use to keep a client on track and overload the conscious mind with confusion.

The unconscious moment is the sign that trance is occurring ( without it there is no trance )

Instructions ( more known as suggestions ) are informing the conscious mind what to do.

Now once a client is in the trance, the fun begins. But this can be the trickiest part. As now the therapist MUST keep a client IN trance. And this is done in numerous ways. ( We have blogged about this dozens of times )

So without waxing lyric here. Let’s look at the first stage of getting rid of the conscious mind, using the 3 step hypnotic stare induction

Eye contact: This is crucial. This creates the pressure we need. By keeping eye contact with your client, you are unconsciously telling them to keep eye contact with you.

Give this a go for yourself. Grab a partner and while talking to them, add constant eye contact. Notice how different the conversation becomes and how much pressure occurs between you both.

And by pressure, we mean the awkward moments when eye contact becomes the only thing you are both thinking about.

This is when the conscious mind will get overly confused and feel the need to disappear. the conscious mind hates confusion.
Unconscious moments: at this point start to notice and keep a look out for the signs of trance. Rapid eye blinking. Twitching, confusion, lack or increased movements etc ( any normal sign of trance )
Process instructions: To steal the famous line “That’s right” is a process instruction. It is used when you see the unconscious moments and instruct the unconscious mind to CONTINUE to do what it’s doing, which is showing more signs of attention
How to use:

Grab a partner.
Stare at them intently
Be patient for the unconscious moments
As you spot them, use simple process instructions like
That’s right. There you go. More and more. All the way now …

Etc. Any small instruction that informs that unconscious mind to continue. Repeat this until your client is deep in trance