We spend a lot of time discussing how to help clients with anxieties, how to use anxieties as your induction and how to out frame anxieties for clients to overcome issues. So it time to establish how to stay anxiety FREE as a working hypnotist. What you can do to stop, prevent and avoid your own anxieties before, during and after a session.

The last thing a client needs is an anxious therapist.

The last thing You need as a therapist is to BE anxious.

There are a few reasons why hypnotists will become anxious and why they seem to get overwhelmed with this feeling that can result in less than favorable results.

So without going into the psychology of anxiety, we would rather give you some ideas you can implement into your hypnotic practice to stay anxiety-free as a working hypnotist.

Stop thinking ahead: The most common cause we hear about is that a hypnotist will sit and dwell on the session even before it has begun. They fantasize, what they will say, how they will say it, what the client will say, what the outcome will be, what will happen if it fails etc. STOP IT! How on earth could we as a hypnotist even know the first thing our client will say before they have said it. It’s this imagination that will push us into a sense of anxiety and worry. Realize all you need to know is where to start as a hypnotist. And from there it’s anyone’s guess. SO keep it anyone’s guess and stop answering your own thoughts.
The client will be confused: Meaning that because your client can not answer some of your questions, or has no idea where you are going in regards to the questions is a great thing. It’s what we want. If a client responds with an ” I don’t know ” to your questions ….. GREAT ! If a client could answer all questions, this would be done consciously. And the reason they are sitting in front of you is because they are done answering all these questions for themselves and still can not find an answer.
Not all hypnosis looks the same: Not all your clients will close their eyes, not all clients will get hypnotic phenomena, not all client will be falling on the floor with relaxation, not all client will be confused etc. Every client is different. If you are aiming for a certain type of trance, no wonder it doesn’t work. Your client will go into a trance they way they go into a trance. It’s your job just to follow them, not to tell them.
You can’t fix everyone: Expect failure. We are not super human. Not everyone will get the change they need. And that’s fine. Sometimes your client WILL change but negate the change because they want something different. And this is fine too. Except for hiccups along the way.