Scott Jansen

Scott Jansens Spotting Unconscious Moments Infographic details a map of how to use unconscious moments to your advantage.

If you recall, unconscious moments are a pure expression of the unconscious mind. This should highlight the importance of why utilizing the unconscious mind in this way is crucial to your success as a Hypnotherapist, Hypnotist or Conversational Hypnotist.

The common 4 step process of hypnosis being the ABSU formula, unconscious moments become the secret of the U in this formula. The utilization of any unconscious moment that you may spot while interacting with your clients, or even just interacting with friends, family, and colleagues.

Another way to view unconscious moments is to think of them as a natural trance. Natural trances occur when the mind either thinks or considerers an idea that is presented through conversation.

Think of a time you thought deeply about something. Did you notice your mind focused in on that thought? The outside world almost paused while you were thinking and in some cases, you experienced confusion or an ah-ha moment that comes out of the blue.

This natural thinking process is the cornerstone of power natural trances and strategic unconscious moment utilization.

Use Scott Jansens Spotting Unconscious Moment Infographic to guide you on what to look for, what to do when you see any unconscious moment, and introduces you to attentional questions that will enhance the depth and severity of unconscious moments.

If an unconscious moment is a natural trance, and you spot a moment while interacting and talking with people, it means that the unconscious mind is very active. Stay alerted, and when you see a moment utilize it.

With some practice, you will be creating conversational trances without every using a script or NLP technique again.

This is where powerful trances exist and where transformational Hypnotists are born.

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