The power of unconscious attention will be the most important improvement you make as a hypnotist.

By mastering the art of gaining the power of unconscious attention at every step in your hypnotic interaction you go from a good hypnotist to a truly great one.

When working with clients we need to maintain unconscious attention and conscious attention throughout our interaction to gain maximum benefit of your hypnotic intervention.

Unconscious attention in its entirety is the dictator of the success of your therapeutic strategy, it is only this part of the mind that will negate or accept your therapy instruction.

Without the power of unconscious attention, we leave up to luck, that the correct part of the mind is paying attention at, the most important part which is therapy.

If we think of the importance of conscious attention we rely on this simply at the beginning of our interaction or report techniques, simple questions, and general chitchat to make our clients feel comfortable.

We then proceed into using a certain induction to close off conscious attention and hopefully gain complete unconscious attention.

It is only when we have the power of unconscious attention should we proceed into the next level of our conversation which is therapy based. Your therapy based strategy is what will connect and reconnect your clients to new insights and ideas that form a new therapeutic loop at the unconscious level.

If you struggle with your clients to connect to your therapy intervention, the most common occurrence would be the lack of unconscious attention at this moment.

By knowing when the unconscious mind is fully accepting of your therapy is to be on the lookout for unconscious moments

As we have discussed, many times is that an unconscious moment is a clear sign that the unconscious mind is paying attention, and it only at this point should the hypnotist begin anything therapeutic.

If the hypnotist is premature in stating their therapeutic instructions when the conscious mind is as not being taken off-line we run the risk of our therapy being negated.Once we know that our induction phase only serves the purpose of closing off conscious attention.

It is great practice for the hypnotist to remember that the more your client experiences and unconscious reality or trance through the entirety of your session the more time you have to stimulate and interact with the unconscious mind.

Therapeutic results can only arise if the power of unconscious attention is in full steam.

The more unconscious moments you hear and notice the more alive the unconscious mind is, the more signs it will give you for the correct time to start your therapy phase.