Picking the right hypnotic client at the beginning of your career is crucial to your confidence and practice. Although our end goal is to treat and heal any client, at the start it is smart of us to help cement in our skills with the most appropriate client. So what is the difference in the client? Well, there is 1 subtle cue that can make the session you go into a real masterpiece.

We all should be aware that initial contact with your client sets the groundwork for success.

Either it’s over the phone, in person or through social media.

Setting the tone and expectations is our first priority.

But before we rush off to book this client in, there is something we should be listening and looking for.

If you listen very carefully to your clients, they will reveal their emotional attachment to the session through means of tone, body language ( visual ) and references ( unconscious moments )

For example, We have a smoking client who wants to quit.

As we go ahead to book them in, we may ask a few probing questions.

Such as why do you want to quit? Have they tried to quit before? What would they rather be doing instead of smoking etc ( just any investigative questions we ask as therapists )

And we notice our client is very emotionally un-attached to the answers. No real thought is going into them and we get a sense of they really do not care about quitting.

It’s at this stage we are missing motivation and leverage.

It’s these emotions that will drive a client to our session. It’s this leverage we need to use in order to use a comparison tactic.

Without this emotion and lack of interest, it can be very hard to work with a client in this state.

What we should aim for when picking the right hypnotic client is the client who is overloaded with emotions.

A client that is so ready to quit and move on with their life, that would fly to another state to come and see you.

As a hypnotist it is our job to find and uncover this leverage and emotion in our client, but as you start your career, why not aim for this emotionally robust client, so you have the perfect canvas to paint your work of art on.