If I said… My multiple 6 figure therapy business was thanks to 3 customers, you would say I’m crazy.

It’s hard to think that it only takes 3 customers to make a 5 or 6 figure income as a therapist.

Now when I say, 3 customers, I don’t mean 3 people who pay you 50k each. What I mean is 3 types of customers, that if you can attract to your business you can easily skyrocket your income.

If you can get to know what your customers want and need from your therapy business, you are ahead of the game.

But if you are thinking… “they want me to help them fix their problem” you are only half correct.

If you have tried to get customers to your practice or sessions before you would agree that this is the hardest part.

But when you understand exactly what it takes to influence your customers to come and see you and pay, it becomes the easiest part.

And don’t worry. Iv attached a 30-minute video to teach you how.

Essentially, the key message of this video is to understand the 3 types of customers you have, and how you market your business to them ( by blogs, videos, posts, paid ads etc ).

Think about it like this….

In order to get paying clients to your office, they must know what you do and what your service or session can do for them.

And with 3 types of customers, you need to understand the 3 triggers that will get them to say yes.

If you watch the video below it will show you clearly the 3 types you have and how to influence them to come to see you.

So before you think about telling the world about what you do over social media, watch this video and apply the idea

These ideas will be the difference between a few people saying yes to you here and there, and a lineup.

Watch video here