The most important question a hypnotist should ask can be the perfect segway into a simple and powerful induction strategy.

The most important question a hypnotist should ask actually has in it the first step to using hypnotic memory and bringing back to life, a past experience that was relaxing, enjoyable, comfortable and therapeutic.

At an unconscious level, our memories and experiences are stored and with them attach certain emotions and feelings that can be utilized to create the perfect induction for your client.

The most important question a hypnotist should ask is ” Have you been¬†hypnotised before”?

Instantly this question focuses your client’s attention on a memory that is conducive to a hypnotic experience, thus this attention will now bring to life the past experience and recreate it as it is happening all over again.

This only occurs if your client says yes to the above question. If your client has never been hypnotised before this question becomes obsolete and another strategy should be used.

let’s use the example of a yes for this question.

Once your client has responded positively to the question your goal should be to now focus the attention on the memory simply by asking what, why, when, how, who, and any other questions that require your client to give you information.

The more information you receive the more this previous memory will be brought back to life

As your client provides information on your questions the only thing you need to do as a hypnotist is to correspond with those answers and place as much attention on them as possible.

The simplest way is to continue asking more questions and gather more information constantly. Another strategy is to repeat back the answer with each piece of information so your client indirectly agrees with the answer you have given.

This is known as a feedback loop and is a simple, yet highly effective way indirectly add more attention to your client’s memory.

The more in depth your client thinks about the past experience the more the memory will become real and the emotions that come with it will be experienced all over again.

So the most important question a hypnotist should ask is to “Have you been hypnotised¬†before”? … What, who, why, when, how, ¬†questions should follow that place constant attention on the memory your client provides to you.