Hypnotherapy Advice From Master Hypnotist Deidre Evans

Straight from the mouth of a hypnosis expert. We had the privilege to interview and gain some crucial hypnotherapy advice from Master Hypnotist Deidre Evans.

Why hypnosis ? Why learn to study ?

I initially started out as an NLP Practitioner and while those methods were useful for therapy, I have found that hypnosis is much more effective as I am able to tailor the session to exactly what the client needs.

What has been the biggest revelation throughout your study ?

I think the biggest revelation would have to be that you can help a person make massive discoveries and shifts by just having a simple chat – that has been a life changer for me and my business!

What would you offer as advice to new students starting out ?

If you are starting out I would advise that you get a support network around you then can help publicise you – word of mouth is key! When you see a client make sure that you give them your business cards and flyers at the end of the session and you will be surprised how many referrals you will get.

What has been your most memorable experience using your skill ?

Wow – there have been a few I can think of. My most memorable experience would probably be the stop smoking client I had that was so deep in trance she could not feel her body – only her head. She knew her body was still there but just felt like she was “a head on a stick” (her words).

What do you hope to achieve with your skill over the next 2-3 years ?

I aim to be able to help many more clients and in time, I would like to become more involved in hypnosis training as I love to teach people new skills and see them grow.

What is your niche and preferred client

I love seeing all types of clients although I really enjoy seeing the great results with anxiety and depression clients. It is a joy to talk to them a few weeks after a session and hear how they feel a weight has been lifted from them!

In a short description, how would you describe hypnosis to the masses

Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness, which feels like something between sleeping and waking, and has qualities of both these states really. It has been my experience that clients usually find that their body is very relaxed, almost in a state of sleep, while their unconscious mind becomes very alert. This state is what makes hypnosis an excellent tool for unlocking buried memories and doing required therapy work.

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A brief description about Deidre

Hi, my name is Deidre Evans and my practice is based in Springfield Lakes, Brisbane. I also conduct a mobile service to all areas of Brisbane extending to the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast if you are wanting a face to face consultation. To suit all locations (internationally) I provide a variety of session types as well as evening and weekend appointments. You can come to my office or I can come to you personally or via technology!! You choose what suits you best:

* Face-to-face sessions

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I use a variety of positive psychology tools and exercises, and I am trained in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), SMART goal setting and visualisation techniques, Time Line Therapy® and Hypnotherapy. I am a Certified NLP Practitioner, Coach and Hypnotherapist. I find that I have my best client results with Conversational Hypnosis which I really enjoy doing! Prior to starting my hypnotherapy practice, I had worked in Defence for over 29 years. Life experience has taught me a lot during that time and I love taking the opportunity to pass the benefit of that onto my clients.