2405, 2017

Spotting Unconscious Moments Video Library

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With so much content about spotting unconscious moments, we thought it would be appropriate to group them all together and create a 1 stop shop with a spotting unconscious moments video library The spotting unconscious [...]

1605, 2017

Scott Jansens Spotting Unconscious Moments Inforgraphic

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Scott Jansens Spotting Unconscious Moments Infographic details a map of how to use unconscious moments to your advantage. If you recall, unconscious moments are a pure expression of the unconscious mind. This should highlight the importance of [...]

2602, 2017

Using Hypnotic Confusion With Sophistication

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Using confusion based language patterns is part of a great hypnotist, but using hypnotic confusion with sophistication takes it to another level. If you know hypnosis, you will know of confusion based language. A language [...]

2602, 2017

5 New Ways To Get Unconscious Attention

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Creativity as a Hypnotist is key. Flexibility as a Hypnotist is key. So knowing  5 new ways to get unconscious attention becomes the lock for these keys. Why is attention important? With attention, our client will [...]

2502, 2017

Why Are Your Clients Falling Asleep

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Why are your clients falling asleep? And is it important to notice if they do? A commonly discussed question in the industry is the argument of whether sleep during a hypnosis intervention can interrupt unconscious change. [...]

2302, 2017

Make Your Hypnotic Suggestions Hit A Home Run Every Time

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To make your hypnotic suggestions hit a home run every time takes a special kind of thinking. It takes a special skill to become great with hypnosis, and even more to become amazing. A hypnotist [...]