If your not already aware of the amount of competition you have, I suggest you go to Google and type in your service ( what you do ) the state you live in and see how many other therapists just like you are all fighting for the same paying clients

And when it comes to Facebook, you will see the same competition

But where most new therapists go wrong when looking for new paying customers, is the actual customers they are targeting

Let me explain with an example of a hypnotherapist trying to get new customers to pay for a session…

They may post something like this

“I have an appointment this Thursday for anyone who wants to give up smoking”

And we have all seen these right? And for a therapist who doesn’t understand the value of crafting an attention-getting message, this is pretty common

David Olgivey said “that the headline of any message will persuade a new customer to keep reading”

So let’s break down the above message and see if we can do better

In any business, we can narrow down our customers to suit 3 types of people

The Informed

The Afflicted

The Oblivious

The informed customer is someone that knows you, your service, what you do and maybe even has bought from you before

The afflicted is a customer that knows they have a problem and they know it can be fixed. They just don’t realise that your exact therapist is the answer they are looking for.

These types of people search google and facebook looking for an answer to their problems

The oblivious is a customer that doesn’t know they have a problem and don’t realise it could be solved.

They just put up with their back pain or weight issues and say “this is just how I am“. They feel the symptoms of a problem but have no idea it can be solved.

Now when crafting your message on your posts, your website, your paid advertising and even your online programs you may sell, you must suit your message to suit these people

Now I don’t mean to craft a message to suit all the 3 at once, instead to create 3 different messages that will suit each customer

To make it easier let me give you some examples

If we take the above message…

“I have an appointment this Thursday for anyone who wants to give up smoking”

Which part customer would this appeal too?

You would be correct if you said the informed. Although the message is very weak, we can still see how this message would target a customer who knows what you do, is a smoker and has time on Thursday to give up

But to suit all 3 customers things would need to change in the message

So let’s start from scratch, and take the idea of this message and change it to suit all 3 ( including the informed better )

The informed message: “As you know I’m a hypnotherapist and work with clients who want to quit smoking, and I have an appointment this Thursday, contact me if you would like to book this spot”

Direct and straight to the point. It has reinforced the fact you are a hypnotherapist and work with clients who want to quit smoking, and if they have Thursday free they should contact you…

However, its still missing something and this is the key to working with the informed customers

It’s missing its uniqueness

By uniqueness, I mean that the informed customer knows they have a choice and can either chose you or your competition.

So to stand out in the crowd you need to offer this uniqueness in your message

When creating a message for the informed you must offer your unique feature

So let’s add this in…

As you know I’m a hypnotherapist and work with clients who want to quit smoking, and I do this with a special 6 step process that will help you quit within 45 minutes and is guaranteed to stop relapse, I have an appointment this Thursday, contact me if you would like to book this spot”

Now our message ( just an example ) offers something unique and different ( your uniqueness must be true, not something you cant prove )

To stand out with the informed customer you must offer something different than all of your competition

Now let’s move on to the afflicted

Remember, this person knows they have a problem and is actively seeking a solution, so to appeal to this customer, you must make the connection that their problem, and how it can be solved by your service

As an example…

“Are you sick and tired of wasting money on patches and electronic cigarettes? If so, I’m a therapy specialist in helping clients quit smoking and can help you quit so you never have to worry about wasting money on patches again”

Now as you can see the afflicted customer may have several issues and problems, so in this example, we have only targeted the afflicted customer who is sick of patches and electronic cigarettes

Whereas other afflicted customers may be sick of relapsing or are worried about putting on weight after they quit or even that hypnosis doesn’t work for stop smoking in the long run

In order to get the most from the afflicted customer, you must research real people and find what the most common concern is, solve that concern with your message, then move onto the next

Lastly, we have the oblivious customer

The customer that has no idea they have a problem or that is can be solved. They are not looking for an answer they are just dealing with it

To get the attention of an oblivious customer you must broaden your message. The oblivious customer doesn’t really know anything about anything

Meaning that if they have frustrations or pain in their life they think its normal and wouldn’t even know there is a solution for them

So to attract the oblivious customer you message needs to broad like this

“ These lifestyle choices are the direct link to an unhappy life and can be the cause of major health issues”

Then when they want to find out more, you would then introduce them to your service. If you offer your service inside your message may scare them off. The broader the message the more curious they will become to read further

Here is an example of messages for all 3 customers in the hypnosis niche

  • Informed – “Want to give up smoking? My 3 step WOW system will help you destroy that addiction”
  • Afflicted – “ Are you noticing the yellow stains on your teeth and fingers and are ashamed of how they look? Book me into today to give up your smoking habit”
  • Oblivious – “ Ever notice how out of breath you get even just walking around your home, this is the reason why your lungs are struggling to breath” ( then on your sales page or website, you would explain how smoking can cause shortness of breath and then offer your service as a way to fix it)