I think you will agree with me when I say… Knowing how to get high paying clients or knowing how to get better paying clients ( for any business ) is a real pain in the backside

It’s a chore to make cold calls ( or as I like to call the ice cold calls ) attend meetups groups and functions, business breakfasts and social events

Who has time for all of that!…

Well, it turns out that even if I said you needed to do these things like all these experts, you wouldn’t do them…


And the best part you don’t need to

In this post ( and video ) I’ll be showing you how you can get high paying clients just for understanding your clients better and attract them directly to you and not your competition

Let’s start at the beginning…

I’m standing on stage teaching a mastermind group for therapists and life coaches and I asked this question

Who knows how much competition they have…?


After 30 seconds a therapist by the name of Nancy said…

I dont follow my competition as we all do our own thing

So I continued the discussion… I asked Nancy to give me her 3 top competitors so we can find out if they were indeed doing the same thing

[ Btw this was a mastermind of how to get high paying clients; meaning these therapists were struggling ]

So I waited for Nancy’s response … And this is what she said

“I don’t know who they are, I just think I do something different than everyone else

And bingo! We have our first problem

I can’t emphasize this enough…

If your business was important enough to spend money on your training. Put all the hours of training and study into a comprehensive program that shows you how to be a great therapist, hypnotist, healer ( or any business really )

Would you just guess as to what your competition is doing?… ( later on ill show you why knowing your competition is the key to attracting more high paying clients )

So how much competition do you actually have? 

Firstly let’s get the number out of the way… Check this out.

Now I’m a Hypnotherapist and have been for close to 2 decades so these numbers will represent the alternative health professionals.

But if you are a small business owner I suggest you follow these steps to see how much you have.

Ok, let’s get on with it… And see how much competition Hypnotherapists in Australia have

I used a simple search term of Hypnotherapist in Australia

Get High Paying Clients

And as you can see Google has also suggested some other options for our search

…Hit enter… And this is what I found


Get High Paying Client


Google has returned a result of 1,330,00 automatic responses

So let’s try again and narrow down our search by state ( Brisbane )

High paying clients to your business


The result… About 320,00 automatic responses with the search term Hypnotherapist in Brisbane.

Now if you are wondering if these numbers are good or bad… Hold that thought.

Let’s change it up and look at Life Coaching…

get more paying clients

The result… 9,010,000

Now what is really interesting about this is that the paid ads are for becoming a life coach.

And 13 out of the result on page 1 of google… Only 5 are actual life coaches who are seeing clients. The remainder is taken by schools and academies. ( Making it hard for a paying customer to find a Life Coach )

So let me make my point here before I show you some more…

According to Madeline Jacobson of Leverage Marketing 

“The average web user won’t go past the first five listings on a search engine results page (SERP). According to a 2014 study from Advanced Web Rankings, more than 67% of all clicks on SERPs go to the top five listings. Things start to get grim when you look past those first few results. Research shows that websites on the first search engine results page receive almost 95% of web traffic, leaving only 5% for remaining search results pages”

So what does this all mean?

If you want to get high paying clients,it’s not good enough now to say you are a Life coach or a Hypnotherapist …

So what do you need to say?

If you are thinking … “Hang on Scott, what if someone uses a different search term to look for me”

And this is valid… So here is what I found…

Now I haven’t taken into account your own personal business name ( as I don’t know what it is … Meaning unless your clients and customers are searching for that specific name, neither will they )

Now, are you expected to beat your competition? Heck no! You never will unless you have a 1 Billion dollar marketing budget like coca cola.

But you should be aware of your competition… And later on, I’ll show you how you can beat it


  • Hypnotherapy Melbourne: About 890,000 results
  • Find a Hypnotherapy Sydney: About 166,000 results
  • Hypnotist Perth: About 22,700 results

Life Coaching: 

  • find a life coach Melbourne – About 7,200,000 results
  • Life coaching Sydney – About 2,870,000 results
  • Life coaching service Adelaide – About 2,710,000 results

Personal Training:

  • Hire a personal trainer Brisbane – About 2,770,000 results
  • Personal trainer Brisbane – About 3,350,000 results
  • Personal training business Perth – About 1,980,000 results

So what should you take away from these numbers?

You have competition and you need to do something drastically different to stand out in today’s marketplace to get high paying clients.

You need to know what your competition is doing, offering, and saying about their business…

So what you offer and say can be different!

If every Hypnotherapist is saying the same thing, offering the same service and even has the same education, why would a paying customer choose you over another therapist?

Now the conversation I had with Nancy brings up an important point…

If you found out that you were, in fact, doing something different than your competition, how do you actually let your customers know?

And this was what I asked Nancy…

“If you are doing something different Nancy, How do you let your customers know”

And Nancy says… “I tell them”

And the most important questions I asked during this mastermind, and the main point of this post is this…

“At this moment Nancy, where do you get your clients?”

Nancy said … “Social media”

“What do you say to them? What was the last post you wrote to get a new client”

And Nancy said… ” Get the right mindset for 2018. Ill can show you how. Book me in”

And this isn’t a bad post, but would you have guessed it got Nancy no new inquiries or customers.

So the question is why…

With posts like this …




This is where I want to introduce you to the 3 types of customers you have, and how to turn them into high paying clients.

Jack Trout said it best in his book ( Focus – The future of your company depends on it )

“You cant expect your customers to guess what you do, you need to tell them. But you cant tell them what everyone else is

Before I show you these 3 customers … I want you to remember this…

And you can see this clearly in the above posts

“Clients and customers don’t care about you or your product, they care about what it will do for them”

But as you will see… What your product will do for them isn’t what you think. ( this is the key to getting get high paying clients)

Here are your 3 customers.

That if you know how to directly influence them, you will be well on your way to get high paying clients and a line up of high paying referrals.

  1. The informed
  2. The Afflicted
  3. The Oblivious

Getting inside the mind of the informed

Your informed customer knows a few things…

They may know you, they may have even bought your product or service before and they also know they have a choice.

If you recall these numbers …

This is what the informed customers can pick from

….And if you remember what Madeline Jacobson of Leverage Marketing  said…

Which is why knowing your competition is key when trying to attract the informed customer.

So how do you out-do your competition to attract the informed?

To stand out from your competition and to get high paying clients you need to be original. And your message of your business needs to be unique.

If I wanted to attract the informed customer and bypass my competition that is saying…


Instead, I would say something like…

“If you finally want to get your life back on track. My new “6 week Life Breakthrough life coaching system” has been designed to do exactly this. Pm me to check spaces and take your first step to success”

So with this message, my uniqueness comes in the form of a new system I have created with a cool name.

Or… What about this post

Or this Youtube Video …

Check out what the team at the phenomenal Igor Ledochowski of the Hypnosis Training Academy have done …



By having your uniqueness or ( BUD: Big Unique Difference ) you start to set yourself apart.

This example creates an Information Gap… And creates curiosity as the what “Advanced HYPNOTIC – BASED NLP” is, and wants to learn how to offer fast effective results.

(Perfect for the therapist who wants this outcome.)

Here is another example…

It can also come from an Instant Authority Difference (I.A.D)

Check out what the amazing Sharon Pearson and the Coaching Institute has done…


So if you informed customer was looking for a way to become a life coach and wanted the best…

This authority strategy would help the customer make the decision over the competition how may not have this authority.

If you have been mentioned in the news or been published… Use this authority

Or what about this …

How about a Direct Competition Difference ( D.C.D )  …


As you can see the first line states “forget about strict complicated diets” ( and we all know how complicated and strict diest can be ) … then the offer is for a new way to diet with the Renegade Diet.

When using the DCD, you DONT need to come out and list all the negative points of other businesses and services.

But you can make a comparison with yours in contrast to another.

If you can back this up with real facts, proof, and data, this will help the informed customer agree with you.

Other examples of how to get the attention of the informed customer is…

The Origins Difference: You could state how long you have been in your industry for. You will see this with big brands who state when they were established. Coca-Cola often shows in their ads “125 years”

The Price Difference: If you are the cheapest use it ( you just have to explain why cheap is better ). If you are the most expensive use it ( you just to explain why more expensive is better than cheap )

The Benefit Difference: If you have multiple benefits for your service or product use this. There is a secret to using the benefit difference … Avoid listing the functions of what you do, instead, tell your customers the end result.

(Remember, no one cares about you or your product, they care about what it will do for them)

Before & After Difference: You will see this a lot in fitness. If you have a before and after photo uses it. If you have a before and after student, who followed your system or went through your service, use this success story.

Next, we have the afflicted customer:

What makes the afflicted customer interesting is that they know they have a problem that needs fixing.

The afflicted customer is actively seeking help by using the internet and searching for solutions.

They are looking for new gluten-free diets. They are looking for tips on how to run a marathon.They are looking for how to using internet marketing.

…And they are looking to solve problems that you ( the therapist ) can solve.

To attract this customer you simply need to massage your business and what you do as the solution they’re looking for

As an example…

If I was a therapist that specialized in helping people with headaches. I know that my afflicted customer is looking for a solution for this.

So I would have to post, blog, make videos, email ( whatever social media platform I use to promote my business ) with a message like

“Still suffering from headaches? No matter what you do, why does it seem like they just get worse? If your finally fed up with suffering the pain and emotions of headaches, I’m a specialist therapist who can help. My style of therapy for headache prevention is the next step for you. Book me today”

With the afflicted you need to start with their pain… and… Link the solution to your service.


By stating the pain first you want your customer to agree with you.


Lastely we have the oblivious customers…

Think of this customers as being oblivious to everything. These are the customers who think their back pain is just normal.

Their upset stomach when they eat a certain food is normal…

These customers feel the side effects but haven’t connected these symptoms to anything.

They are just putting up with these symptoms. They aren’t looking for a solution ( because they don’t even know or think they have a problem )

And your oblivious customer makes up the biggest part of the market,

Think about it for yourself … Before you purchased something of value, you didn’t need that thing until you noticed a problem in your life.

So you went from the oblivious ( of not knowing ) to knowing and becoming an afflicted customer… You searched for a solution … Then become informed a with a choice.

For the oblivious, all we need to do is just get their attention. And the best way is to create a large information gap of curiosity.

And you will see these ads everywhere…

These ads are not offering direct help. They are offering curiosity…

And even some are not topic related …


With the oblivious customer, make them curious first …

Then the remainder of your message would need to connect with the oblivious customer.

To do this, your goal should be to explain in either your sales page, your post, your video or even your blog the reasons why your service is perfect for them.

But you need to highlight a pain and benefit, so the oblivious customer can recognize that what they are feeling or experiencing is NOT normal, and they do have a problem and it needs to be fixed.

And to fix it they need to come and see you.

So now we know our customers. How do we really find the information we need to include in our message?

Finding real problems in peoples lives and solving them is the difference between success and failure with these strategies.

I mean sure we could just guess, or take this strategy to the next level.

Regardless of what customer you are hunting for, using what I call “Real Pain Words” ( RPW’s ) will help you connect even further with your message.

So all we need to do is find these customers, see what words they are using to describe their pain and use these words in our message.

Here are 5 places to find real customers how need your help

#1 – Facebook groups

As an example…

If I was a personal trainer needing more clients, I would find a facebook group where my clients hang out. The most common are support groups.

This example shows the language this possible client is using.

What is important is that the more you find of these, the more you see commonalities.

From here you could craft a message for all 3 types of clients.

Side note: These messages of support and help, can also give you the perfect topic for your blogs, videos, posts and more.

Stop guessing what your clients want. Find real pain and solve it, with their words.

Here is another example…

Just scroll through the comments and posts in a support group and you will find real people in need of your help…

#2- Quora

Quora is a live platform for real discussion with real people on just about every topic you can imagine. This is the perfect place to find real people sharing their problems

Log into Quora.com

Type in a subject…

Scroll down and look for questions that start with how or what… ( there are pages and pages of these questions for every subject )

The great thing about Quora is that you can become a member ( free ) and actively answer questions and link people back to your own website or business page…

Or just gather information.

The words people in need use to describe their pain is important.

Becuase these words can be used in your message

As an example..

If I was trying to attract new clients to my personal training business with a message using phrases like

“this is the best way to work out”

While real people were using phrases like…

“how do I get Fit?”

“what is the best training routine?”

My message won’t have the impact of using real words of pain.

More examples

And more…

And more…

#3 – Amazon reviews.

A little bit harder to find, but still worth a shot.

Look for a book on your subject ( niche ) and see how people respond to the material inside the book in the review section ( look for the 1-3 star reviews )

Example message…

Need better communication in your love life? Or maybe a new way to recindle your love with shared interests …..

Example message….

If you find that most goal setting exercises are nothing more than a to do list and dont reveal exactly how to achive your biggest desires…

#4 – Subject forums

#5 – Youtube comments

‘Your Action Plan’ to get high paying clients.

As I wrap this up, let me show you the steps in a simple to follow action plan…

  1. If you want to grow your business you need to get high paying clients.
  2. Look for real problems and pains in either or all 5 ways.
  3. Think of the service or product you wish to offer that would solve these real pains and frustrations.
  4. Make a spreadsheet of the pains, frustrations, challenges, issues, words, and phrases used ( find commonalities in what people are suffering from  )
  5. Construct the perfect offer.
  6. Make it go viral with posts, blogs, adverts, videos, comments, paid advertising and anywhere else people will read it.

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