Expert Advice From Master Hypnotist Manda Portelli

Who better to understand the dynamic world of hypnosis than a practitioner who is working in the field of hypnosis. We gain expert advice from Master Hypnotist Manda Portelli. With a mix of Hypnotherapy and Psychology, you get the winning formula.

Why hypnosis ? Why learn to study ?

I chose to study hypnotherapy as I have always had an interest in the unconscious mind and its functioning. This interest stemmed from my training in psychology, I knew when I was seeing clients that if I could just quiet their mind that they would be able to see the solution that was lingering right on the surface. I finally found my solution on how we could achieve this! Therefore, since I enrolled in a conversational hypnosis course and haven’t looked back.

What has been the biggest revelation throughout your study?

The biggest revelation I had during my study in hypnosis was when I realised the amazing power of our unconscious mind, the unlimited possibilities we have access to. I was amazed how easy it is to gain access to the answer to all our problems and questions. That alone has transformed the way I conduct my therapy sessions and how I perceive and live my own life.

What would you offer as advice to new students starting out?

Firstly always trust in your skill set, don’t question how it’s different to what you know, rather incorporate your new skills and knowledge of hypnosis into your current mode of practice. You’ll spend more time taking in new information rather than questioning it. Don’t forget to enrol in other hypnosis courses to broaden your knowledge and enhance your skills. Secondly, join a practise group with other students, it helps embed your knowledge and improve your confidence and skills each time you practise.

What has been your most memorable experience using your skill?

I don’t have just one experience; for me it’s every time I see how effective hypnotherapy can be in shifting a blockage of the mind and creating a new neurological pathway in one session; compared to several sessions using other techniques of therapy. Those other techniques still have their place in therapy and in my packages; however why do it the hard way ? When you can move forward in an effective and timely manner.

What do you hope to achieve with your skill over the next 2-3 years?

I plan on being able to seamlessly incorporate my knowledge of hypnosis into my goal of becoming a motivational presenter. To be able to captivate my audience and give them a gift of trance during my speech. Also to incorporate learning at an unconscious level into my workshops and training.

What is your niche and preferred client?

I really enjoy working with those who have complicated issues and who have lost the sense of themselves and their identities (especially those with anxiety or wanting to change their life from functioning to flourishing). Seeing a change in their mindset and the effect it has on the rest of their life just fascinates me on people’s strength and determination to change.

In a short description, how would you describe hypnosis to the masses?

Hypnosis is a lot like finally finding the light switch, after fumbling around in a dark room for so long. You can now see that your path forward is clear.

It is an extraordinary journey of self-knowledge, removing blockages and creating new positive pathways in your mind; thus leading to empowerment and transformation.

Who is Manda Portelli ?

I am the Principal Practitioner at Metamorph: Hypnosis, Life Coaching & Career Counselling (Metamorph Clinic). I offer unique packages tailored to your individual needs; combining my specific skills and knowledge.

I have a Honours degree in Psychology, a Master of Hypnotherapy and a Master of Learning and Development. I am a Master Hypnotherapist, Career Development Practitioner, Coach & Trainer.

My passion is to assist in the process of mindset switching; facilitating the transformation of lives and achieving the feeling of empowerment. I achieve this by using positive psychology, hypnotherapy, mindfulness and motivational goal setting techniques; to name a few of effective techniques my packages are based on.

I work in collaboration with other specialists in different areas; giving my clients the opportunity to a holistic choice of therapy.

My clinic is in Greenslopes (Brisbane), I also offer sessions via Skype and some of my workshops are available online or at the Gold Coast as well. Please contact us for more detailed information.

To get in contact with Manda Portelli :

Phone: 0450 550 682
Inst : Metamorph_clinic