So you are the stage of your career where telling stories that influence and hook the unconscious mind is beginning to become natural to you.

You have a grasp of metaphors and have the story opener down pat. So what is next? Well ….. it’s so simple even a boring story can transform reality and its all in the setup.

If you can make even a dull and uninteresting story create the circumstances for your clients to burst through issues, you are reaching the peak of mastery.

We know the power of a proper setup, priming sequence and how to use this very start as our gliding success for the entire session.

And stories are no different.

So let’s go back to the understanding of a hypnotic story.

The stories we tell, the metaphors we offer rely on emotional impact.

It’s these very emotions that allow our client’s unconscious mind, to connect and navigate through experiences.

So the more emotions your clients feel the more impact full the interaction is.

So how can we take this premise and ratify it to make even a boring story life changing?

The system to do this is called emotional dragging.

Meaning we will use the very emotion we wish our client to feel, and allow it to drag and set the tone of the entire interaction … Not just the story … But the entire session.

If we really pack on the emotion and have it drag the entirety of the session, even a boring story can transform reality.

So how do we do this?

Let’s say we are working with weight loss.

By asking some simple questions about why a client finds weight loss hard, why they struggle, how they feel, what they want instead etc ( Your normal investigation ) 

You will begin to uncover themes that can become the very story you tell.

Let’s say your client continues to tell you how frustrating it is, and how they feel ashamed because of the weight, your story can now begin to live through these emotions.

So before even the induction, we may begin to tell either a personal story, a made up story, talk about a movie you watched or a book you read that had these elements inside.

Your story now involves characters that represent your clients and their struggles. And how through trial and error and persistence, your characters overcome adversity, to not just lose the weight but feel amazing for doing so.

At no point are we making it obvious that the story is about them? We are making the story ambiguous, that allow our clients unconscious mind to connect to it completely.

The more emotions, description and the more hypnotic ( slowly and with emphasis ) you tell the story, the more the story has an induction quality to it.

Then as you formally begin the trance work, the unconscious mind is already prepped with an outcome and already pushing forward for the end result.

And most importantly, your client can feel it, your clients can feel the results before they get them. And it’s these feelings that become the fuel for motivation to get what they want.