At the very least we can all agree about something when it comes to using hypnosis for therapy. Hypnosis has a unique quality that no other therapy can create. Creating an unconscious experience through means of conversation becomes so unique in itself, that an ordinary chat with a client, friend or total stranger can leave them wondering why their life instantly seemed brighter and richer in experience.

By understanding what hypnosis is about, how to do it, what is the best way, can leave even the most experienced hypnotist in a daze.

But regardless what school you come from, how you start or even what you say, we are ( as hypnotists ) all aiming for the same direction.

We are creating an unconscious experience that leaves our clients either perplexed, confused or utterly shocked as they leave from talking to us.

We see it over and over again the most common mistake hypnotists make.

The mistake that is repeated over and over again is becoming so obvious in our approach.

And with therapy, hypnosis, NLP and coaching becoming so common place, it getting harder to be more secretive and covert in our approach.

We know that being ethically covert and secretive puts a complete stop to our client following along consciously. Allowing the unconscious mind to heal any situation.

So some considerations for yourself before you hypnotize or treat your next client:

D0 they know anything about hypnosis? Have they studied it? Or have their own ideas about how it works?
Does your hypnotic personality present itself too quickly and your clients can sense when you have started the session, which calls the conscious mind forward, instead of our goal to deactivate it?
Are you trying to hard to get the work done in your own routine, thus not allowing a client to express the very inner secrets of THEIR OWN unconscious mind?
Are you spending too long sticking to a step by step method that a client can almost follow your every step
S0 in consideration to this. What will you do, or HOW will you think differently when using hypnosis?

How can you take what you know and become more seamless in your approach?
How can you blend techniques together that will leave your client wondering where in the process you are?
How will you confuse the conscious mind and instruct, or distract it away from the unconscious mind to give it the freedom it needs to heal the mind and body