This is what to do if your clients say no to your service. Most people would say, that if a client says no to a session with you, you should just wish them good luck and move to the next person. But this is not the answer when working with people

At the end of the day you are a business, and the most important time to build your business is when a client is in front of you

And just letting them go with a wave goodbye, is a sure fire way to eliminate your success

So what should you do instead?

Well it’s actually very simple

If a client says no, that’s fine. But this is where you have a few choices…

You can either…

  1. Say goodbye to them and hope they will remember your offer
  2. Push and push and push and become desperate for the sale ( most experts say you need to ask 4 times before a client says yes… Have you ever been pushed for the sale? Doesn’t it make you push harder away?)
  3. Use the 2 worlds scenario and implant your offer and service inside their minds so they can never forget it

Well I hope you chose number 3 because this is what this blog is about

The 2 world scenario is to offer your clients and customers a brief glimpse into what their life will be like if they keep saying no to your service and what it would be like if they said yes

Granted your clients have a problem to be solved. Maybe they need to lose weight, overcome an addiction or even increase their relationship with their wife or husband

The 2 worlds scenrio is to just paint the picture of the what if

The what if in one way will show that over time their problem will get worse and the longer they leave it the harder it is to stop ( and this is extremely true )

The other what if is to offer so many benfits to your client that gets their mind thinking of the importants of saying yes to a session with you

Let me give you an example

Client: “Ill think about it Scott, Im not sure this is right of me”

Me ( negeative world ): “Thats fine Joe please do think about it, but I want you to realise something. We know that over time problems get harder to solve. And in your case you told me that you are eating more junk food now than 12 months ago. Would you agree that your cravings are more intense? Would you agree that you convince yourself that you will stop tomorrow, then you fall off the wagon again? You can see everday you are struggling more and more than you were the day before. How much do you think you will weigh 6 months from now? How bad will it have got by then?”

Positive world ( transition )

“But what if Joe 6 months from now, everything was reversed? What if instead of gaining weight over the next few months, you finally took control of your eating and your weight? What if you got your mojo back, staring lifting weights again and fit into a whole new wardrobe of clothes? This is the difference between someone who takes action and someone who doesnt. But sure Joe think about it, but think about what really matters… Another 12 months of torture and binge eating or a few hours spent with me to solve this problem once and for all

And this is the 2 worlds scenario in action

But leaving Joe to think about just the conversation ( without the 2 worlds ). Joe will think about the facts, such as your price. If he has time to see if. If your therapy, personal training, healing or online product actually works

Instead, leave your customers thinking about their pian

By offering both worlds, the connection is that in order to get to the positive world they must come and see you

You become the bridge out of their pain