Get High Paying Clients ( FAST! )

I think you will agree with me when I say... Knowing how to get high paying clients or knowing how to get better paying clients ( for any business ) is a real pain in the backside It's a chore to make cold calls ( or as I like to call the ice cold calls [...]

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How To Be More Confident [With 3 Quick Steps]

Knowing how to be more confident [ with 3 quick steps ]  is the difference between a life of holding yourself back and underachieving and a life of unlimited potential with the Midas touch. And if you have ever felt that nervous shaking and a dry mouth, you would agree that having no confidence is such [...]

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My Multiple 6 Figure Therapy Business Was Thanks To 3 Customers

MY MULTIPLE 6 FIGURE THERAPY BUSINESS WAS THANKS TO 3 CUSTOMERS [VIDEO]   If I said... My multiple 6 figure therapy business was thanks to 3 customers, you would say I'm crazy. It's hard to think that it only takes 3 customers to make a 5 or 6 figure income as a therapist. Now when I [...]

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This Is Why Clients Think They Can Underpay You

THIS IS WHY CLIENTS THINK THEY CAN UNDERPAY YOU... THIS IS HOW YOU CAN CHARGE WHAT YOU ARE WORTH AND GET IT EVERY TIME [Ebook]   This is why clients think they can underpay you, and why you keep falling into their trap I can remember one time needing to buy a new suit jacket [...]

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What To Do If Clients Say No To Your Service

  THIS IS WHAT TO DO IF YOUR CLIENTS SAY NO TO YOUR SERVICE, YOUR OFFER OR YOUR PRICE (THE 2 WORLDS SCENARIO )   This is what to do if your clients say no to your service. Most people would say, that if a client says no to a session with you, you should [...]

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10 X Your Therapy Session Sales

10 X YOUR THERAPY SESSION SALES AND FILL YOUR DIARY WITH HIGHLY MOTIVATED CUSTOMERS WHO WILL NOT ARGUE YOUR PRICE   What if you could 10x your therapy session sales? What if more potential customers turned into paying customers? Over the long run, this could be the difference between working as a successful entrepreneur or [...]

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