How To Write A Facebook Post That Will Get You Paying Therapy Customers

  HOW TO WRITE A FACEBOOK POST THAT WILL GET YOU PAYING THERAPY CUSTOMERS AND HELP YOU STAND OUT FROM THE COMPETITION   If your not already aware of the amount of competition you have, I suggest you go to Google and type in your service ( what you do ) the state you live [...]

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What To Offer Instead Of A Free Session That Will Get You Paying Clients

  WHAT TO OFFER INSTEAD OF A 'FREE SESSION' THAT WILL GET YOU PAYING CLIENTS ( OVER AND OVER AGAIN )   Our first instinct to getting paying clients and to grow our therapy business is to offer free sessions, and why this can work ( rarely ) to get you paying clients or referrals... [...]

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Desire Vs Your Service And Why Clients Will Say No To You

DESIRE VS YOUR SERVICE AND WHY CLIENTS WILL SAY NO TO YOU... UNLESS YOU USE THIS FRAMEWORK ( CLOSE YOUR NEXT CLIENTS WITH THIS IDEA )   I hear a lot of this..."Scott my work speaks for itself, and if my clients cannot see how great of a therapist I am, that's their fault" And [...]

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Boost Your Session Rate With No Arguments And Triple Your Conversions

BOOST YOUR SESSION RATE WITH NO ARGUMENTS AND TRIPLE YOUR CONVERSATIONS ( WITH THE 'TRADE-OFF EFFECT')   If you're not using this trade-off effect you are leaving $1000's of dollars each month on the table...  If your sick of hearing this... "Your too expensive" Iv got your back! I recently completed a consultancy gig with [...]

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How To Get Your First Paying Clients Without Paying For Them

HOW TO GET YOUR FIRST PAYING CLIENTS WITHOUT PAYING FOR THEM   Let me come out and say it... Stop paying for Facebook ads. Stop for Google ads. And Stop Linkedin Ads. Unless you have these things put in place A system that tracks conversions and signs up An established brand or unique offer A large [...]

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Turn A NO Client Into A YES Client Automatically

TURN A NO CLIENT INTO A YES CLIENTS AUTOMATICALLY... AND MAKE THEM ASK YOU FOR THE SESSION INSTEAD   It all comes down to human psychology... We push away from something unless there is a clear promise to move away from pain into pleasure. In other words its easier to say no, than run the [...]

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