From 1 technique to another, from 1 fancy name to another, from 1 hypnotic school of thought to another, there is something that becomes clear.

The industry is scattered and overloaded with ideas, strategies, and methods that can confuse and overwhelm any newcomer.

And if you break any strategy down you can notice the same rules being applied. But in all this confusion, we can use it to our advantage and begin blending hypnotic strategies for mastery, so you become so natural in your approach that your client will never see hypnosis coming.

We have discussed in past submissions why being obvious is the silent killer of trance.

And in addition to this sticking to 1 style of hypnosis can also block any entry into the unconscious.

Techniques and strategies are just this. And at some point and with most clients, they will break down and fail

Just like in life if it’s too good to be true, it most likely is.

And this is expressed heavily with certain techniques that claim to fix everything.

And if every client you ever saw had the same personality, same motivations, same likes and dislikes, the same leverage, the same reasons and the same outcomes these techniques would be wonderful.

So what is our choice here?

How can we avoid putting high expectations on certain ways to do hypnosis and not get disappointed when they crumble in front of us?

Firstly drop the idea of trying to find the 1 technique. Drop the idea of hypnosis being as simple as reading a generic script or story you found on the internet.

To really understand the level of power hypnosis has, you need to investigate hypnosis and study hypnosis with this in the back of your mind.

Instead of mastering techniques, master the principles that govern them.

Then as you find these principles such as context, delivery, speed or even timing, you can begin blending hypnotic strategies for hypnotic mastery.

So what does this all mean?

let’s look at a clear example of this

Dr. Milton H Erickson.

For those who had the chance to view Dr. Erickson when he was alive all reported the same thing.

It was as if Dr. Erickson was violating the very rules of hypnosis. It was never really clear what he was doing at any time.

Which is what made him such a genius.

He was using the very strategies we use, but blending everything together in such a way his techniques were invisible.

Which is why it seemed like he was doing very little. It just meant the thing he did do or say, was so important and was dripping with hypnotic principles, it was like magic.

There were no scripts, or timelines or hypnotic language.

Dr. Erickson was consumed by principles and he could be creative enough to use these to his advantage and essentially make up things as he went along.

So how do we do this for yourself?

It all starts with this mindset of not relying on techniques.

Only relying on the underlying force that allows all techniques to work in the first place.