Scott Jansen

Creator of over 280 HRS of hypnosis training content and 22 home study programs

Founder of the Academy

The Conversational Hypnosis Academy was founded by Scot Jansen. Scott Jansen has spent close to 2 decades as the Go To Hypnotherapist and business owner in his field. Best selling author, therapist for A-list celebs and trainer to over 18,000 students worldwide, Scotts Academy was voted in the top 25 hypnosis business in the world.

Over Scott’s time in the industry, he has helped 1000’s of hypnosis business owners gain high paying clients and become the go-to experts in their niche market.

Scott uses a blend of industry experience, business knowledge, and marketing secrets. You will find Scott’s approach comes from a place of real-world experience, industry knowledge, client experience and close to 2 decades of running multiple businesses 


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