Creativity as a Hypnotist is key. Flexibility as a Hypnotist is key. So knowing  5 new ways to get unconscious attention becomes the lock for these keys.

Why is attention important?

With attention, our client will act upon our suggestions and instructions. 

Without attention, these fall onto deaf ears.

The common hypnosis formula ( ABSU ) depicts attention as being crucial for the creation of trance.

Throughout the industry, there are various ways to gain attention and gather your client’s focus.

So with this in mind, let’s consider 5 new ways to get the unconscious attention that you may not have thought of.

Firstly let’s look at the common ways:

Eye contact: Very powerful and easy to do. Eye contact suggests to our client that we are paying attention, and we need to same from them.

Eye closure: By closing a client’s eyes, we are negating any outside distraction that may defocus their attention away from what we are instructing.

Focus on an object: An Ericksonian trick is to have a client place their attention on an object and hold their focus on it.

These 3 are what is mostly taught and what you can read about and really become the backbone for true hypnotic success.

But if you are like me you become curious about what else you can do to keep your session fresh and versatile.

  5 new ways to get unconscious attention

Internal attention: If closing your eyes draws attention inwards, what else could we have a client focus on? How about sounds and automatic movement. Although external sounds would seem to defocus our client, the fact they are concentrating on maybe a ticking clock or the hum of an air conditioner will achieve the same results. 

Automatic movement: Twitching and body jolts are a common occurrence of trance. So if you notice your client’s fingers twitching draw their attention to it and keep it completely focused on it.

Confusion: It seems bizarre that when a client is confused we would put their focus on it. But this is such a dramatic way to increase a trance. Confusion is a sign that conscious thinking is limited, thus there is more unconscious thinking. Meaning more trance. By placing focus on the confusion you are placing focus on the trance that is occurring

Silence: If you have noticed that some hypnotic trances that your client experiences are completely silent ( internally ) your client would admit they can not see or feel anything, but they do experience internal silence. Again put your client attention on it and help them hold it there with clear instructions.

External stimulus: If your client has trouble focusing, even on external sounds. Try placing their attention on their feet on the floor, the clothes on their body or even the chair they are sitting on. These not become an anchor for attention.

When it comes down to it an important mention needs to be made here.

There is no correct way to get a clients attention. Your client will find what is best for them.

In addition, constant regathering of attention in various ways is also important. If you repeat the same old technique over and over your client will catch on.

Nothing screams resistance like doing the same old thing with the same clients over and over.

The point of hypnosis is to catch a client off guard.

Keep your cards close to your chest and never let them follow your routine