Throughout your investigation and study into hypnosis, we all want the same thing. A streamlined approach to hypnosis that creates the outcome we need, with as little work as possible to get there.

And while there is no straight line to get there, there is 1 powerful hypnosis hack or theory we can use to generate hypnosis, trance, and transformational results quicker than ever before.

In order to grasp the full power of this we must revisit a presupposition that we all know, and all think we use, but don’t.

The unconscious mind knows what to do in order to create results.

Seems simple right ?

And this idea is expressed in many forms.

But the theory is correct regardless.

We know the unconscious has no limits to its power.

We know that all learning takes place unconsciously before it becomes conscious

We know that a client must be in a trance to make changes.

So why do we put little to no trust in these ideas ?

If you have found yourself using technique after technique, giving advice, telling a client how to fix an issue, reading a script or even giving outcome-based therapy, you have forgotten all of the above.

Essentially at some point in our careers, we will do too much

We will oversell the induction, therapy, and outcomes of our client

Meaning that we are taking the position to know more than our client.

So with all this confusion, what can we do to view and approach hypnosis differently so we CAN USE the power of the unconscious accordingly and do less work and get more results in the half the time ?

Here is 1 powerful hypnosis hack that will save your career.

Get your client into trance any way possible and spend more time KEEPING them there and less time controlling the trance

Meaning that when your client is in a trance, keep them there as long as they need.

While in a trance the unconscious has free time to do what it does best. Heal your client.

We need to think that at this point if we do too much with too many techniques we will interrupt this process.

Do we need hypnotic language if they are already in a trance ?

Do we need to give advice if a client is in a place that will allow the best resources to be found ?

Do we need timelines, visualizations and so on to create an outcome ?

What we need to put our attention on is, what creative ways can I keep a client stimulated while in this place ?

And it’s in this place where stories, metaphors, and abstract ideas will shine.

When your client is in a trance, keep them there. Forget giving instructions of what TO DO while THEY are there.